Optime Administration will provide your firm with a free consultation so that a tailored administration package can be designed to fit your needs.

Optime Administration has innovative and custom built databases and technology to make your settlement administration processes efficient and effective


Optime Administration, LLC is a full service class action settlement administrator that offers unsurpassed value and efficiency to its clients.  The staff at Optime Administration has experience administering hundreds of settlements, interacting with thousands of class members, and distributing millions of dollars.  Optime Administration delivers top quality service to its clients at a low cost through its ability to efficiently manage data, its high level of customer service in interacting with class members, and its enthusiasm for effectively managing settlements from beginning to end.  Optime Administration can save your firm precious time and resources by handling the CAFA notice process, computing damage calculations, organizing, and updating mailing addresses, sending out class notices and claim forms, answering class member questions and concerns, processing claim forms, distribution management, and tax reporting.  Please contact Optime Administration today for a tailored package that will allow you to leave the administration to us!

Optime Administration takes the administrative burden off of your firm, so that you can focus on generating your next settlement.

Class Action Administration 

From CAFA notices to fund distribution, Optime Administration will help your firm plan the entire administration process.